The Urban Colleges Writers Prize organizers yesterday met held an induction for the judges of the contest which progressing very well expect issues that have to do with funding. The project has so far held a series of events familiarizing the project to schools, media and other institutions. The event held  in March  include  the Schools familiarization seminar and the Creative writing participatory workshop that saw  CCOSA  college ,Vainona high school , Morgan High school , ILSA college, Christ touch College , Eagle Rise College  , High Achievers in attendance . The schools shown great interest in the project. Participants are in the process of writing poems, short stories ,Essays and Drama scripts  during the holidays.

The 11th of April 2013 saw the announcement of the Project Judges led by Maggie Mzumara  a communications expert in Harare. She has vast experience in writing, journalism, diplomatic and NGO programming.Other members in the team include Dr Tinashe Mushakavanhu   a doctorate graduate of English from  Kent University , United Kingdom Karen Mkwasi   Poet /Script Writer and the current chairperson  of Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe, Fidelis Zimanga a young and  vibrant published writer  and poet.Tsitsi Wakatama  an educationist   and child literacy specialist. The team also includes Alouis Sagota the Program officer, Script writer, Community development Expert of Dzikwa Trust.

The team is endowed with vast creative writing experience and with passion to develop the lives of Zimbabwe children through talent and creativity development Organizers of the Project Girl Child Creativity and ILSA College are grateful and expecting success of this project .There is a lot of generation shown by other schools and colleges who were not even of the initial seminars, the program now is involving students from Great Zimbabwe University, Midlands State University , Chinhoyi University   and Girls Colleges in Bulawayo.
Some business men and other cooperate organizations are showing interest   of the project.Our grand media launch   will be taking place in mid May 2013 and the Awards Night will follow suit.We are grateful  to all members of staff from participating school  and as well   Darius Mutamba  , Happy Msinde and Rachel Mlambo  from Chinhoyi , Great Zimbabwe and Midlands University for  sharing the  projects with others at their respective universities.

Mbizo Chirasha- Project Curator/Director

The Culture Fund envisions a thriving Zimbabwe that is confident in its innovation and creativity that is nurtured through a culture of open dialogue and creation of knowledge accessible to all its citizens. The Culture Fund plays a leading role in gearing the country towards becoming a creative society benefiting from a creative economy. It supports the cultural sphere through results-based programming.

  1. Well its a good initiative for the uplifting of young writers. Well please identify the talent ,nature it and groom it until fruiting. We need young and hungry writers who will tell our stories to the world.

    Please connect my organization, to the young talent, I have an annual short story anthology release. Check our blog http:/

  2. great thanks for the write up and the link.

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