CHIPAWO hosts its Annual End of Year Concert -28 July 2012

Posted: July 17, 2012 in news and updates
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End of Year Concert 2011- 2012
Venue: Mount Pleasant High School Hall
Time: 9am-1pm ( @ 2pm award presentation)
Date: 28 July 2012

It has come to that time of the year where CHIPAWO hosts its Annual End of Year Concert. This is the time when Children get to showcase what they have been doing throughout the year and what they are capable of doing. All CHIPAWO Children from all the centres which happen to be in Harare, Chitungwiza, Norton, Bindura, and Domboshava come to showcase their brilliant works to their guests, family and friends. This is a very important event to the CHIPAWO Children and family for it is held annually and every one of them will be rewarded for their good work.

CHIPAWO is going to host two End of Year Concerts: the first one is going to be held in Bindura on the 21st of July and the other one in Harare. Children from Pathway, Waterland CHIPAWO Centre and Little Angels CHIPAWO Centre both from Chitungwiza are going to be part of this concert together with the centres from Bindura. These Centres are SOS Children’s Village, SOS Social Centre, SOS Kindergarten, Salvation Army and Maizelands.
The Harare Concert will be on the 28th of July at  Mount Pleasant High School from 9am-5pm.All CHIPAWO Centres will be present amongst others are Mufakose High 1,Roosevelt Girls High, St Michael’s in Mbare, Tynwald centre, Marlborough, Zengeza 4 and Farai in Chitungwiza only to mention a few.

The CHIPAWO End of Year Concert is not just a concert but is an award presentation ceremony at 2pm for centres that have completed the CHIPAWO syllabus and also for the best students at the centres. The awards will go to the CHIPAWO Child of the year, Centre of the year, Layiti Centre of the year. Certificates will be awarded to all the Children who have been in CHIPAWO for a year and more.

Established in 1989 CHIPAWO is an Arts Education for Development and Employment Trust which works with Children and young people in child development. CHIPAWO as an organization that has been working with Children and young people for over twenty three years and has been involved in many International festivals and exchanges has learnt from its own experience what Children and young people can perform in this regard.

Entry is for free and members of the public who are interested in Children and the Arts are most welcome to come and join us on this day.

For more details contact – Miss Chipo Basopo on 0772 968 658/ 0734 416 574.


CHIPAWO- Experts in Children  Arts Education.

The Culture Fund supports the Chipawo Arts Education Programme under the Gender – Women & Youths Empowerment / Arts Education, Training, Development.

The Culture Fund envisions a thriving Zimbabwe that is confident in its innovation and creativity that is nurtured through a culture of open dialogue and creation of knowledge accessible to all its citizens. The Culture Fund with programme support funds from the Swedish International Development Agency(Sida) plays a leading role in gearing the country towards becoming a creative society benefiting from a creative economy. It supports the cultural sphere through results-based programming.

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